Card & Label Holders

Stick On Label Holder

Finish: Clear plastic front with various coloured backgrounds
T020          914mm
T021          1000mm
T022          1220mm
T023          1330mm

Shelf Label Holder

Finish: Clear plastic front to rivet onto shelf
T030          914 x 33mm
T031          1000 x 33mm
T033          1220 x 33mm
T034          1330 x 33mm
T032          Plastic Rivet for shelf label
holder (Requires 6 per shelf)

45° Clip On Shelf Edge

T053          914mm
T054          1000mm
T055          1220mm
T056          1330mm

Tracking Utility Bar

25.4mm Square Tube – 381mm Perpendicular
25.4mm Square Tube – 457mm Perpendicular

Utility Bar Bracket

T077          381mm LH
T078          381mm RH
T087          457mm LH
T088          457mm RH

Front Channel

Code: T076

Back Square Bar

Code: E040

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