Wire Mesh Shelving and Displays

We manufacture and distribute a range of shelving systems that include wire mesh shelving and wire mesh display units.? We have a variety of durable and versatile space saving wire mesh shelving and wire mesh display units that help accommodate your needs and maximise retail potential. We aim to deliver high-quality affordable wire mesh products and reliable customer service.

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Choose from freestanding, fixed or mobile wire mesh shelving and display stands that are manufactured from high tensile steel wire which is zinc electroplated or baked epoxy powder coated. Our powder coating plant ensures a high-quality finish and a range of colours to match other fixtures and fittings. Our light and heavy duty wire mesh shelving and wire mesh display stands can be used in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, butchers, pharmacies and a variety of business for different applications.

Contact us for flexible wire mesh products promote organisation and product displays.

Retail wire mesh shelving and industrial shelving is versatile, durable and easily adjustable for handling various materials. Some of our wire mesh display units and shelving is of a modular design allowing it to evolve with your changing demands. Wire mesh does not collect dust or block sprinklers and is idea of industries with flammable materials. Our expertise store designs can help optimise your space with gondola shelving, wire mesh shelving and wire mesh display units that provide cost effective and flexible display solutions for all kinds of shops. Our wire mesh bakery displays are on castors for mobility and ease of use.

In addition to the wire mesh shelving and display units we have a range of accessories to meet the dynamic needs of a flexible, strong and affordable display system. These include mesh panels, mesh hooks, stacking baskets, magazine and newspaper stands to cater for stationary shops, art and crafts shops or markets, scrapbook shops, flea markets and hardware stores. Wire mesh is perfect for high impact, low cost promotional units in retail, trade and business, especially point of sale and exhibition stands.

Clothing Unit      
wire1 wire2 mesh3 mesh4
Down Sloping Shelves 1600 x 1500 x 450mm Wire Gondola Units Rectangular Shelf Unit
1800 x 900 x 450mm
Magazine & Newspaper Units
1500 x 400 x 900 x 350mm
Curved Front Shelves
1800 x 900 x 550mm
End Gondola With Curved Shelves
1800 x 900 x 550mm
Down Sloping Shelves Deep Angle
1800 x 1700 x 350mm
Till Point Impulse Unit Top shelf & three down sloping shelves
1200 x 900 x 600mm
Center Gondola Cake Stand
1200 x 900 x 600mm
Center Gondola with Down Sloping Shelf Magazine Stand
1200 x 900 x 600mm


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